Who Are We?

The Full English Experience is an exciting e-magazine for English learners to get their teeth into.  We provide your Recommended Monthly Allowance of awesomeness, a fry-up of podcasts, games, quizzes and tips.  Everything you need to satisfy you anglophone appetite.  Now, get stuck in, before it goes cold.

Meet the Crew


“No full English breakfast is complete without me and neither is the Full English Experience e-zine. I present the most important part: the “Sizzlin’ Stories” podcast.  It’s an original story for you to listen to.  There’s a faster and slower version, and a transcript to help you out.”


                                                                                                                         “You can grill me, or fry me, as part of a full English, but, in the Full English Experience, I’ll be grilling you.  In the “You’re Gettin’ a Grillin'” section, I’ll challenge you to a puzzle based on vocabulary from the “Sizzlin’ Stories” podcast.”


“We may be small, but we beans are one of the healthiest parts of a full English breakfast.   In this e-zine I’ll help to keep your English healthy by testing how well you understood the “Sizzlin’ Story” in a segment called: “Bean Payin’ Attention?”.”


“As an egg with a face, getting egg on my face doesn’t bother me.  If you want to avoid doing or saying anything embarrassing, my “Don’t Get Egg on Your Face” culture quiz will test your cultural knowledge of English speakers, and stop you from looking silly.”



“Whether I’m fried bread, or toast, I earn my crust with my “Crumbs of Knowledge” section.  I’ll give you a tip to help hone your English, and drills for you to practice it with.”

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