Full English Exposé, Pancakes – Crossword


Can you complete our crossword with words from this edition’s Full English Exposé?


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  • 1. Blob; shapeless lump of something, especially food.
  • 2. Trickled; poured slowly in a thin stream over something.
  • 3. The way people behave; the way things are done.
  • 4. In the way that things are usually done, as part of a long-held custom.
  • 5. A tool (often found in the kitchen) for mixing, turning and spreading.
  • 6. Spectacular; causes admiration.
  • 7. Quickly turn something over.
  • 8. Delicious, full of flavour.
  • 9. Something that has been made.
  • 10. With a salty, or spicy flavour, not sweet.


  • 11. Thin, delicate, easily broken.
  • 12. Courageous, risk-taking.
  • 13. Not very many, but more than two.
  • 14. The components of something; the substances mixed and cooked together to make a particular recipe.
  • 15. A mixture of flour and liquid.
  • 16. A neat heap, or pile of objects.
  • 17. A period where people do not eat some types of foods.
  • 18. Two or more substances combined together.
  • 19. Garnish; a layer of food covering another sort of food.
  • 20. Small, dry pieces of something.

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