Sizzlin’ Stories – Crazy Aidy, Car Theft

Let me introduce you to Crazy Aidy, my friendly, but odd, neighbour. Something weird is always happening to Adrian. This time, Aidy has some car trouble.

Knock, knock

Me: Adrian, Hi … are you ok?

Aidy: Not really, I was wondering if you could help me out. I’m in trouble, I … stole a car.

Me: I don’t believe it Aidy. You’re no thief. I don’t want to be rude, but, I just don’t think you’d even know how to steal a car.

Aidy: I did it, and now I’m in trouble, I need you to come to the police station with me, and help me with my statement and the forms and things.

Me: Ok, but first tell me what happened. Who did you steal the car from?

Aidy: The police.

Me: You stole a police car?

Aidy: No, just an ordinary car, but from the police. I needed to go to the supermarket, so I went to the police but they wouldn’t give the car to me, so I stole it…I didn’t think I was doing anything bad.

Me: Of course it’s bad, you can’t steal cars. But, why did you need a car from the police to go to the supermarket? You have a car.

Aidy: I didn’t have one at the time. The police took it away, and I stole it back. They said it was unsafe to be on the road, but it is safe to be on the road now.

Me: Ah, it was broken, and now it’s fixed?

Aidy: No, it wasn’t a problem with the car, it was the way it was being driven, but, I wasn’t driving dangerously.

Me: So, you were driving safely?

Aidy: No! I wasn’t driving, dangerously.

Me: You mean, it was not dangerous to drive it, but it was dangerous not to…that doesn’t make sense.

Aidy: If I’d been driving, it would have been fine. But, I wasn’t driving it, no-one was. It was hit by another car, which pushed it out of its parking space, and it was rolling down the road, so the police came and took it away. I asked for it back, but they wouldn’t give it me.

Me: So, you took it.

Aidy: I thought that as the car was safe, and my driving was safe, if I drove it, it would actually be safer … but the police call that ‘stealing’.

Me: Ok, we’ll go down to the station and try to explain the situation to them.

Aidy: Thank you, I knew you’d help; I knew you’d understand my sticky situation.

Me: Aidy, I am happy to help, but please do not think that I ever understand your sticky situations.

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