You’re Gettin’ a Grillin’ – Crazy Aidy, The Repairman Crossword


Can you complete our crossword with words from this edition’s Sizzlin’ Story?


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  • 1. The overhead surface of a room.
  • 2. Not working.
  • 3. Wanting or wishing for something.
  • 4. A large piece of furniture, or small room used for storing things.
  • 5. Curious or concerned about something; wanting to give attention to something.
  • 6. Think or believe something is likely to happen.
  • 7. A container for water, used for washing.
  • 8. A hollow tube that fluid substances (like liquid or gas) can flow through.
  • 9. Feel hostility toward; not approve of.


  • 10. Showed something to someone.
  • 11. Worried.
  • 12. Possessions; something that someone owns, especially houses, buildings or land.
  • 13. Getting something in return for money.
  • 14. During the first part of a period of time, or series of events.
  • 15. Fixing things that are broken.
  • 16. A hole or crack in a container, which allows the contents to come out.
  • 17. Shattered; reduced to tiny pieces.
  • 18. Imperfections; parts of something that donít work perfectly, or donít look perfect.
  • 19. Devices for controlling the flow of a fluid substance, like water or gas.
  • 20. Mend; repair.

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