Sizzlin’ Stories – Crazy Aidy, The Repairman

Let me introduce you to Crazy Aidy, my friendly, but odd, neighbour. Something weird is always happening to Adrian. This time, Aidy had been talking to a repairman.

Knock knock

Me: Aidy! Hello!

Aidy: Oh, hello, I didn’t expect anyone to be in. You weren’t in earlier, so I thought you still wouldn’t be here.

Me: Then…why did you knock?

Aidy: Well…I don’t know…

Me: Not to worry. Do you want to come in?

Aidy: No, I just wanted to tell you that a man came around earlier to see your flat. I let him in and showed him around like you asked.

Me: Ah, thanks for that Aidy. Did he like the flat?

Aidy: I’m not sure … I didn’t really ask.

Me: But, he didn’t say he disliked it. Well, that’s something.

Aidy: No, he just looked…concerned.

Me: That doesn’t sound good.

Aidy: Well, he said he could fix it up, but it’d take a bit of work.

Me: Oh dear, I was hoping it didn’t look that bad. So, what didn’t he like?

Aidy: Oh, the smashed window, the hole in the ceiling, that broken cupboard in the kitchen, the taps that don’t work, and the pipe that leaks behind the sink…

Me: He noticed all that? I was hoping that the he’d see the nicer parts and not be looking for defects. What bits did he like?

Aidy: Err, he didn’t really say, I didn’t really show him the nice bits. I didn’t think he’d be interested.

Me: Why on earth not?

Aidy: Well he’s a repairman, isn’t he? He surely doesn’t care about things that are fixed.

Me: Oh no! Yes, he’s a repairman, but he wasn’t looking around the flat to do repairs, he was interested in buying it.

Aidy: But, he said he was a repairman.

Me: He is. That’s his job, but that’s not why he was here.

Aidy: Oh dear. I’m not sure I presented the property in the right light, in that case.

Me: No, I imagine not. Let’s hope he’s the type who likes to take his work home with him, hey?

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