You’re Gettin’ a Grillin’ – Crazy Aidy, Another Woman Crossword


Can you complete our crossword with words from this edition’s Sizzlin’ Story?


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  • 1. Containers for putting things in.
  • 2. Something people put on themselves to smell nice.
  • 3. Talked about briefly; said something without much detail.
  • 4. Things not known by other people, or kept hidden from people.
  • 5. A legal agreement between people.
  • 6. Feeling happy that something unpleasant or bad doesn't happen.
  • 7. Difficult; embarrassing
  • 8. Give more detail about something; make something clear or easy to understand.
  • 9. Small shops that sell newspapers and magazines.
  • 10. To be unfaithful, to not be loyal.


  • 11. The end of a marriage.
  • 12. Gain knowledge of something; learn about.
  • 13. By mistake, not on purpose.
  • 14. To know who somebody is, or what something is.
  • 15. Things someone owns; possessions.
  • 16. Having a romantic relationship with more than one person
  • 17. A romantic relationship.
  • 18. Unusually; to act in a way that is not normal.
  • 19. Gaining skills, knowledge or experience.

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