Sizzlin’ Stories – Crazy Aidy, Another Woman

Let me introduce you to Crazy Aidy, my friendly, but odd, neighbour. Something weird is always happening to Adrian. This time, Aidy’s wife was upset about another woman.

Me: Hi Karen. How are you?

Karen: Not good, I’m afraid.

Me: What’s wrong?

Karen: I think Adrian’s been seeing another woman. He’s been acting strangely and keeping secrets from me for a while, but, when I ask him about it, he says there’s nothing wrong. Then, yesterday, I walked past a woman I didn’t recognise on the stairs who was wearing a strong perfume, and, when I got inside the flat, the whole place smelled of the same perfume. I asked him if she had been to visit and he said yes, but wouldn’t say why.

Me: So you think that he’s been cheating on you?

Karen: What else am I supposed to believe? He won’t talk to me about it. I feel so betrayed. I can’t believe he’d do that, after all these years. I’m going to get a divorce. I’m sorry, I don’t really want to talk about it.

Me: I understand. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

… Later that day …

Me: Hi Adrian.

Adrian: Ah! You’ve got some legal training haven’t you?

Me: I don’t know if I can give you much help, I didn’t study divorce law.

Adrian: Divorce law? Why would I need help with divorce law?

Me: I spoke to your wife, and she was talking about divorce.

Adrian: Oh! I can’t think why. Well, that’s not why I’m here.

Me: Then how can I help?

Adrian: I accidentally sold my house.

Me: How can you accidentally sell a house?

Adrian: I sold the shop attached to the house not long ago, but accidentally sold the house along with it. I had a lawyer look into it for me, but she came to the house yesterday and said there’s nothing she can do, and we have to leave the house tomorrow. I wondered if you’d have a look at the contract for me.

Me: If your lawyer can’t help you I don’t think I will be able to.

Adrian: Oh that’s a pity. I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to Karen.

Me: You haven’t told her?

Adrian: Not yet, I didn’t think it was very important.

Me: I imagine Karen will think it is important.

Adrian: You think so? Yes, that could make things awkward. Oh well, I’ve got to go, I need to pack up all our belongings into boxes. You don’t happen to have any boxes I could use do you?

Me: No, I’m sorry, I don’t.

Adrian: Never mind, I’ll get them from somewhere. Bye.

… Later that day …

Me: Hi Karen, you’ve got a lot of boxes there. Here, let me help you with them. Where did Adrian find all these boxes?

Karen: Adrian? No, Adrian didn’t find them! I got the boxes from the local newsagents. I got them to pack my belongings into. I’m not staying with him if he’s having an affair. I’m going to move out.

Me: I spoke to Adrian earlier, he’s not having an affair. He said he is going to explain everything to you tonight.

Karen: You’re sure? Well that’s a relief, I didn’t want to move out. Well, I suppose I won’t be needing all these boxes then. I’ll have to throw them away.

Me: Actually I wouldn’t throw them away just yet. Adrian mentioned that he might need some boxes tonight.

Karen: Really? I wonder what on earth he needs boxes for.

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