Sizzlin’ Stories – Crazy Aidy, Slugs and Snails

Let me introduce you to Crazy Aidy, my friendly, but odd, neighbour. Something weird is always happening to Adrian. This time, something strange was going on in the garden.

Adrian: Hello!

Me: Oh, hi Adrian! You scared me a bit there, I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone in the garden at this time of night.

Adrian: Shhhh! Be quiet!

Me: What’s going on?

Adrian: I’m hunting.

Me: Hunting what?

Adrian: Slugs and snails.

Me: Ah! Fair enough. But I don’t think they can hear us.

Adrian: No, I suppose not.

Me: Well, it’s good to know you’re keeping an eye on the garden. I’ve noticed that a lot of the plants have died off in the last 2 or 3 months, it could well be the slugs and snails eating them.

Adrian: Yes, so I’ve been hunting them with salt.

Me: How do you hunt them with salt?

Adrian: Well if you pour salt on slugs and snails, they shrivel up and die. The slugs are easy, you just have to coat them in salt. The snails are harder, you have to sneak up on them so they don’t hide in their shells. That’s why I was being so quiet.

Me: You’re killing them one at a time with salt? That must take ages?

Adrian: Not really, for the last couple of months I’ve been taking out a kilogram of salt every night and, when I see a slug or a snail, I throw a handful of salt at it.

Me: You sprinkle a kilo of salt on the garden every night? No wonder the plants have died. Do you realise that it isn’t just slugs and snails that shrivel up and die when you put salt on them? Salt kills plants too.

Adrian: Oh dear! I had no idea.

Me: Well that explains why none of the plants have flowered this year: it’s because of the salt.

Adrian: No it can’t be, that’s because of the insects.

Me: I don’t see how insects could do that much damage…

Adrian: Well…I read that insects were attracted to flowers, so to keep them out of the garden, I’ve been cutting off all the flowers and throwing them away.

Me: Right. Adrian, do you think you could stop putting salt on the garden, and chopping off the flowers?

Adrian: I suppose so, if you think it’s for the best…but that’ll mean there’ll be loads more insects destroying the plants.

Me: Maybe, but then again, at least there’ll be some plants for them to destroy.

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