You’re Gettin’ a Grillin’ – Crazy Aidy, Slugs and Snails Crossword


Can you complete our crossword with words from this edition’s Sizzlin’ Story?


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  • 1. Cutting, especially cutting into small pieces
  • 2. Harm something, breaking it
  • 3. Chasing and killing animals
  • 4. Not loud, not making much noise
  • 5. Scatter a small amount of something on a surface
  • 6. Stop living
  • 7. The colourful parts of plants where seeds and berries grow


  • 8. A measurement, the amount of a material held in the fist
  • 9. Organisms that grow in the ground, like trees, bushes, grasses
  • 10. Legless creature with a spiral shell
  • 11. Slimy, worm-like creature that slithers
  • 12. Small white crystals used in cooking and for preserving food
  • 13. Land next to a house used to grow fruit and vegetables in, or for recreation
  • 14. Reduce and contract (due to a lack of moisture)
  • 15. Walk carefully, without making any noise
  • 16. Small creatures, invertebrates, usually with 6 legs
  • 17. A measurement of weight, 1000 grams
  • 18. Causing someone to die

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